Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Homo Training Nixed in the Nick of Time

Lest you think that Election Day slaked the thirst for bigotry of evangelical Christians, here comes the news out of Spurger, Texas:
A homecoming tradition in which boys dress like girls and vice versa in a tiny Texas school district won't be held Wednesday after a parent complained about what she regarded as the event's homosexual overtones...."TWIRP Day," which stands for "The Woman Is Requested to Pay," was hosted by Spurger schools for years during Homecoming Week — to give boys and girls a chance to reverse social roles and let older girls invite boys on dates, open doors and pay for sodas.
Cats and dogs living together, what an outrage! To think that our schools would promote such ungodly behavior offends your average evan to the maggot-filled core. Cuz, you know, this kind of gender-role tomfoolery is the moral equivalent of a gateway drug, as explained by Delana Davies, the complaintant:
"It's like experimenting with drugs," Davies said. "You just keep playing with it and it becomes customary. ... If it's OK to dress like a girl today, then why is it not OK in the future?"
Now, if you were making this whole thing up as a joke to ridicule Republicans, what would you use to replace TWIRP day? Hold that thought because here's the school's actual solution:
As a substitute for "TWIRP Day," the two schools, an elementary and high school, decided to hold "Camo Day" — with black boots and Army camouflage to be worn by everyone who wants to participate.
As my my friend Larry said, "Apparently no one in Spurger thought to suggest "Brown Shirt Day.""


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the source for the "Camo Day" info?

3:55 PM  
Blogger amangler said...


Click on the hot link in my post, and it takes you to the CBS/AP story from which I quoted everything. You'll see the "Camo Day" info in the 2nd graf.


7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


er, I mean thanks.


8:48 AM  

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