Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Suffer the Children

Yesterday evening, I was standing in front of the TV with my six-year-old nephew when pictures of Bush and Kerry flashed on the screen. Andrew—whose parents are hardcore Catholics—said, "Those are the two people who want to be President, George Bush and John Kerry." I was impressed that he knew both names. Then he said, "We had a vote at my [Catholic] school." I asked him who won, and he replied, of course, that Bush had. Then he asked me who I wanted to win. Warily, I said, "Not Bush." Here's how the rest of the conversation went:

ANDREW [wide-eyed]: You wanted JOHN KERRY?!
ME: Yup.
ANDREW [incredulous]: Are you KIDDING?!
ME: No, Andrew.

At that point I had to quickly walk away. The kid is six. fucking. years. old.

Now, I can understand how someone can be against legalized abortion, and I respect that person's right to vote on that issue. However, it takes a sick and twisted mind to teach a first-grader that the Democratic nominee "kills babies." Even if that's not how his parents explained it to him, why are they even discussing the subject with him? I can't imagine why a parent would want a child that young to know that such a thing as abortion exists.

I love by brother- and sister-in-law, but I'm seriously troubled by the ways that they link religion and politics. The Catholicism that they practice bears little resemblance to that of my youth. It is much more strident and fundamentalist. There is literally no complex thinking behind their political views. It is all just cant and oversimplified, black-and-white dichotomies. How the hell do you make someone think when they are part of a community that equates thinking with Godless liberalism?


Blogger Reductio said...

Of course it is also another neocon lie.

After all, history demonstrates that there is no long term correlation between making abortions legal/illeaga and change in the rate of abortion. The thing that correlates most with abortion is teen pregnancy, which is reduced by HONEST AND ACCURATE sex education and easy access to contraceptives (say condoms in schools).

So in actual fact (you know, in the reality based world) it is the neocons who oppose sex-ed and contraceptives who are the real baby-killers, and the lefties who support those things who hold the actual pro-life position.

But that is just more reality based fact, not the sort of thing that shows up in the sound bite laden pseudo-regilious sideshow that passes for politics in this country. And certainly not enough to shake the misplaced FAITH of the unthinking faith-based voters who unwittingly support evil criminals by voting for the current administration.

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