Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Boss

Jimmy Carter once referred to Bob Dylan as an "authentic American voice", and it's impossible to argue with the assessment. But for us at Boring Diatribe, its always been Bruce Springsteen who's voiced our dreams with his tales of growing up in the working class, and trying to keep a spark of hope alive inside the blackest despair. Here's what he's saying on the Vote For Change tour:
We remain a land of great promise but we need to move America towards the fulfillment of the promises that she has made; economic justice, civil rights, protection of the environment, a living wage, respect for others, and humility in exercising our power at home and around the world. These are not impossible ideals, they are achievable goals with a strong leadership and the will of a vigilant and informed American people. These core issues of America's identity are what's at stake on Nov. 2nd.

I believe that Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards understand these important issues and are prepared to help our country move forward. America is not always right -- that is a fairytale we tell our children. As John Edwards said, struggle and heartbreak will always be with us. America is not always right, but America always should be true and it is in seeking her truths, both the good, and the bad, we find a deeper patriotism, a more authentic experience as citizens, and we find the power that is embedded only in truth to change our world for the better. That is how our soul as a nation and as a people is revealed. And it is what we are fighting for on Nov 2nd.

So, we've got some work to do between now and election day. If you share our concerns find the best way to express yourself, roll up your sleeves and do it.

Remember the country we carry in our hearts is waiting.
We couldn't have said it better, Boss.


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