Tuesday, November 02, 2004

David Brooks, Bad Historian

Brooks, today, in the New York Times:
Since joining the Senate, [John Kerry] has never attached himself to an idea or movement larger than his own career advancement.
Since he frames the debate around the Kerry's Senate term, I'll only passingly mention the brilliant "career move" of taking on Nixon over the Vietnam war. But, never looked beyond career advancement? That must be why Kerry took on Reagan's contras, and the terrorist-funding Bank of Credit and Commerce International Rude Pundit (caution, SO not for the kids. Or even adults without hip waders and flak jackets) has this take:
Listen closely and tell anyone you know who is still thinking about voting for Bush: has Bush ever, personally, faced down anyone other than with a chant of "Drink, drink, drink"? Has he ever gone against someone who was really, truly powerful in order to place the good of the people above his own good? No. Heroes do that - they don't care what's in their way - they will face down evil, no matter how powerful. And they don't bother with those who are too weak to fight. It's why the latest news from Iraq fanned the fire: those in charge have screwed us over again, and Kerry's ready to bring the superhero costume out. Call him "the Winter Soldier."


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