Tuesday, November 16, 2004

If You're Not The Lead Dog...

...at least you can whine, bare your throat and hope the pack leader doesn't tear you a new one, but I wouldn't count on it. True to form, the Don't-Hurt-Me-Crats have elected a collaborator as Senate Minority Leader. Harry Reid's an anti-Roe v. Wade, anti-flag-burning-amendment-supporting Mormon who's about as close to a Republican as you can get without being Zell "Pistols at Dawn" Miller.
Senator Harry Reid of Nevada was elected the Senate's minority leader today and vowed to strive for good working relationships with President Bush and Republican lawmakers.
No doubt.

I'm sure Mr. Reid would strive for a close working relationship with Satan, since "You don't have to shout to prove you love America."

No, Harry, you don't. But sometimes you have to shout when your government is slaughtering thousands of people in an immoral war that's costing the United States its honor and security every single day.

Sometimes you have to shout when a war criminal is proposed for the office of Attorney General, or a base incompetent is nominated to the office of Secretary of State.

But you won't do that, Harry. No, I'm sure you'll accommodate, acquiesce, and find common ground with manifest evil whenever you can, thinking that, someday, the Devil will return the favor.

Dance on, Harry. Ignore the smell of brimstone. It's probably only a burning nation.


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