Friday, September 22, 2006

Dear Democrats

Fuck you.

While St. McCain was working out his "compromise" to allow the "President" to imprison and torture whoever he wants for however long he wants, you said:


Nothing at all.

I hope the torturers come for you next when the "President" decides that imprisoning "opposition" lawmakers doesn't constitute a "grave" breach of the Geneva Conventions. It's kinder treatment than you deserve for letting this country drain down the totalitarian toilet.

Fuck you and fuck your "triangulation" and your goddamned polls and fuck you for being spineless weaklings and proving everything the Republicans ever said about you. Defend the country against attack? You can't even defend the country from a stupid, lying sack of shit who stole two elections and laughed at your feeble whining about it.

Go home. We don't need you. I'd rather kick this gang of thugs in the balls without your pathetic fig leaf in my way.

The next time I see your face, I'll step on it.


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