Saturday, November 11, 2006

A New Direction

Now that the BushCo asskicking has commenced in the rest of America, I've been giving some thought as to the direction of this blog. There's many fine blogs on these Internets whose tubes will deliver you all the snark and vitriol, and, let us say it, BushCo asskicking that you might require. I list some of these blogs on this page.

Rather than remain a pile-on blog duplicating those efforts (unless I think of something particularly amusing to write), for some months I've been thinking of focusing on the single most important challenge facing our species:


In a planet awash in energy we're still burning the liquified corpses of extinct animals and plants to fuel our civilization. And you and I know that the USA keeps meddling in the Middle East because of the petroleum buried under it. Without the black gold, the Middle East would be as parts of Africa: unstable, bloody, ruled by kleptocracies, and not terribly relevant to the politics of the industrialized world.

Like any junkie, America's judgment and priorities are distorted by its addiction to oil. Sure, the country can still go to work, eat, sleep, and have sex (for now), but there's always that monkey on its back, whispering "Where's that next fix coming from?"

I'ts time to throw off that monkey and stomp the brains out of the little motherfucker, because he's getting mighty heavy back there and it's difficult for America to think straight when we're rolfing down 26% of the world's energy to support 5% of the world's population.

So, while reserving the right to snark occasionally and point out the worst of political injustices that come to my attention, I'm going to start writing about the challenge of this generation of Americans: Energy Independence.

We can get there. Brazil is energy independent, and you can't tell me that the people who went to the moon and have torn a chunk of a comet from the heavens can't manage to wrest a living from this abundant earth without making it uninhabitable in the process.

The discussion of energy touches on many issues, legal, societal, scientific, and economic, and I'll be exploring those matters as well, because what we're really talking about, under this most urgent of issues, is the proper management of the planet's resources for the survival of the species.

We're sharing one planet. Nothing's going to change that, and humans are now altering this world in fundamental ways that will be irreversible for many generations to come, and may be making the planet unfit for life as we know it. It's time to face that problem squarely, and fix it, because if we continue down the path we're on, it'll be the dinosaurs who were the most successful animals the planet has ever produced.


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