Sunday, October 31, 2004

Blithering Incompetence

377 tons of high explosives missing? Hah! Try 250,000 tons. Has there ever been an American administration more criminally negligent in the prosecution of war than this one? How do these idiots get away with putting our soldiers hipdeep in danger, supplying the mortal foe we help recruit every day with highly effective weaponry? I opposed this misbegotten war from the outset, but if you're going to invade a country on trumped-up falsfied evidence, in the name of all the families you're asking to make sacrifices for your private little dirty war, DEVOTE THE PROPER RESOURCES to secure the war zone.

Out on the stump, Bush's recent remarks conjure an alternative Kerry presidency that would have left these NOW MISSING weapons in the hands of Saddam Hussein's regime, with the possibility that those weapons might have fallen into the hands of Al Qaeda, and then he forgets to mention that HIS ADMINISTRATION CAUSED IT TO HAPPEN. Is there no limit to the cognitive dissonance of Bush supporters? For God's sake, OSAMA BIN LADEN IS STILL RECORDING THREATENING TAPES THREE YEARS AFTER SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001.

On Tuesday, vote for John Kerry, because a soldier might have a little more sympathy for our men and women in the field, giving them what they need to turn around the unremitting catastrophe the Bush administration has created in Iraq. And hey, maybe capture the guy who helped kill 3000 of our fellow citizens.

Step out of the way, kids. It's time for a grown up to clean up your bloody mess.


Blogger Reductio said...

So Bush thinks it's better that the weapons be in the hands of terrorists he created, in the field fighting US servicemen in a war he started, than locked up and monitored by international agencies.

I really cannot wait for regime change.

6:28 PM  

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