Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bush's Procrustean Bed

Well, we've had look at who's endorsing Bush (Axis power). Who's walking away?
The Carpetbagger has a good roundup of Republicans for Kerry, and now here's a new one, courtesy of Boring Diatribe friend and confidante, The Angler.
Marlow W. Cook is a former Republican U.S. senator from Kentucky from 1968-1975:
I shall cast my vote for John Kerry come Nov 2.

I have been, and will continue to be, a Republican. But when we as a party send the wrong person to the White House, then it is our responsibility to send him home if our nation suffers as a result of his actions. I fall in the category of good conservative thinkers, like George F. Will, for instance, who wrote: "This administration cannot be trusted to govern if it cannot be counted on to think and having thought, to have second thoughts."

We've seen this theme again and again in the media, and it's an accurate summary of the behavior of George W. Bush and his entire administration: an inability to adapt to changing circumstances.

In July 2001, this administration's primary concern was missile defense:
Today’s most urgent threat stems not from thousands of Soviet missiles, but from a small number of missiles in the hands of rogue states armed with weapons of mass destruction.

Rogue states. Weapons of mass destruction. Sound familiar?

This admnistration has no capability to adjust to changing circumstances, instead attempting to cut off the legs or rack America to fit a straining country onto the single bed they knew how to make when they showed up. I submit that a gang of hidebound thinkers, totally unable to conceive of say, suicide attacks using jet airplanes (that would be, not missiles) are the wrong people to lead a country against the highly flexible, loosely organized, creative enemy we have in Al Qaeda. Just to keep up with attacks that could come at any time from any quarter, one might have to display the ability this administration lacks: the ability to change one's mind. Or, you know, flip-flop.

The legendary Bush resolve has nothing to do with opposing our enemies, but everything to do with circumventing the effort it might entail to have a new thought.

They made the bed, but we have to lie in it. Come November 2nd, it'll be time to change the sheets.


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