Friday, November 05, 2004

Into the Fire

There's a lot of talk out there about pulling up roots and heading for a country that's more in tune with your beliefs, and I can't blame you. I've had those thoughts myself. Here at Boring Diatribe, we're not inclined to lightly invoke the events of September 11, 2001 to sway hearts and minds. Too much of that rhetoric has been used to justify everything from slaughtering innocent foreigners to eroding the rights we hold dear. But as you contemplate acquiring an Irish passport, or pointing the U-Haul toward Canada, remember this:

When the planes hit the towers, the New York City firefighters didn't find another building to climb.

There's a fire burning in the country right now, fueled on the lives of people that need our help. If they're not voting with us, it's because they don't understand everything we're about. We need to show them. It's time we took a page from every other political movement that found itself shut out of power. We need to take our will and our beliefs to the people who don't know us, and we need to show them that their values are our values, and they need to know that their kids go to better schools, that they can go to the doctor, that their son or daughter came home safe and whole from war, because their neighbors were watching out for them.

We need to ask them to remember that the next time they go to the polls. The staff at Boring Diatribe has no clue how to build a movement, but we know it starts with you, all 55 million of you, to fight the fire consuming our nation. We have to tell people to stop trusting the arsonist burning down their home, and letting the guy outside with the hose have a crack at the problem.

We need to grab hold of the Democratic Party and redirect its energies toward doing what it can do best: helping the citizens of this country build a better life. And if its not the Democrats, it the Progressives, or its a whole new political movement that we'll patch and sew together from pieces strewn across this nation. Politics is the last swatch of cloth to add to the quilt. The first, the very first, is leading by example.


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