Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Small Tent

The editorial staff at Boring Diatribe is absorbing a few zingers for reprinting Michael Moore's assertion that John Kerry is the #1 liberal in the Senate. Naturally, this was an attempt to energize the base, and not a scientific inquiry into the Senator's voting record. So, for those who wrote in on the subject, we'll ask for nominees. Who's going to spearhead the liberal resistance in the Senate?

Regarding Congress, it's not a secret that the neoconservative members think they'll be able to bulldoze any opposition to their agenda. There's another way to tip the balance in the Senate before the next election, and that's to entice a few moderate Republicans to abandon their party.

Let's start in New England. I think it's high time that Olympia Snowe and Sue Collins of Maine came over. Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island has already hinted he might change parties. In fact, in this account of an event catering to moderate Republicans, we might have the beginning of a list of Republicans to bring over to the other side of the aisle:
Tuesday night's Big Tent Celebration was the largest-ever gathering of Republicans who support a women's right to choose. Senator Arlen Specter (PA), Congresswomen Judy Biggert (IL-13), Congressman Mike Castle (DE-AL), Congressman Jim Leach (IA-02), Congressman Rob Simmons (CT-02), Congressman Chris Shays (CT-04) and Senator Lincoln Chaffee (RI) were among scores of other elected officials who accepted honors from RMC and spoke to guests. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson also made an appearance.
Write to the Senator or Representative of your choice. Tell then that their values are not represented by their party, but that there is a party that would be happy to work with them.


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