Saturday, November 20, 2004

Once More, Dear Friends, Unto The Breach

Although other obligations have also intervened, the sheer volume of evil news momentarily daunted even the most Boring instincts of this Diatribe. However, bloody but unbowed, we return to the fray. We're going to continue news commentary, but we're also going to begin a couple of new types of post. A discussion around the Diatribe's watercooler has led us to the conclusion that the relentless drumbeat of bad news and sarcasm may eventually wither the souls of even our determined staff, so we'll be sprinkling in some cultural leavening now and again, to remind everyone of the good bits of America-that-was-and-shall-be-again. In addition, and more in line with our central mission, we're going to venture an essay or three on the policies, philosophies, and methods of Opposition.

A recent series of conversations with Reductio has put us in mind of the word "obstruction", often bandied about by Our Rulers when it appears some vestige of Responsible Government still glimmers in the heart of a lawmaker or public official. Like "liberal" before it, a word with a proud history, "obstructionist" is sometimes loaded into the media's chamber and fired with all the discrimination of a drunken Bush supporter showing off his new automatic weapon. As is typical of the breed, the elected federal Don't-Hurt-Me-Crats employ all manner of rhetorical dodges to avoid the taint of the "obstructionist" stink bomb whenever it's lobbed into the political conversation, and, as many such choices their party has made for the last four years, it is dead wrong.

When hundreds of thousands of soldiers stood in opposition to the spread of fascism in World War II, undoubtedly the Axis Powers considered those soldiers "obstructionist". When police officers thwart crime, no doubt criminals conceive of them as "obstructionist". If the opposition to Our Rulers, who seek to dismantle, by inches and leaps, the very structure of modernity is obstructionist, then count this blog and its sympathetic readers as an obstacle to the progress of the 14th century into the 21st.

So, we urge you to resist Our Rulers at every opportunity, and we urge you to find the ears within the government who will help. Do not compromise. Our Rulers are not governing, they are exploiting. They are a race of locusts, determined to consume the fat, then the substance, then the bones of the land and its people, and they will not stop until the corpse has been utterly devoured. You cannot negotiate with a swarm of mindless, hungry insects, and you cannot negotiate with the rapacious appetites of Our Rulers. Oppose, obstruct, resist, because that is the only language they understand. Reason and logic are useless in this struggle. They have already abandoned that field for the enticements of naked power. Very well. Hold your representatives to the highest standard of obstruction: let Our Rulers make no change with complicity of the Opposition. Offer alternatives. Do not accept their watery compromises. They will be undone in any case.

Make them roll over us in tanks. Make them fight for every bloody inch of territory, real and philosophical. Make their victories costly. We have reality, they have ideology. They cannot sustain themselves unless we help them. In the upcoming months, we're going to talk about how to oppose Our Rulers, how to find the chinks in their defenses, and how to turn their own power, paranoia and insularity against them. And we're going to be Boring as hell while we're doing it.


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