Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Oh My! What Will He Do?

Whatever Todd S. Purdam of the New York Times is smoking, will someone please send 377 tons of it to the offices of Boring Diatribe?
So what next? If even a one-vote margin is a mandate, as John F. Kennedy once said, what might a real mandate look like for Mr. Bush? Will he pursue his course undaunted, whatever the opposition may do? Or once again seek, as he promised four years ago, to "change the tone" in Washington, and reach out to the one-quarter of voters in the electorate who described themselves as angry at his administration?
If Ohio breaks for the president, is there the smallest doubt what Bush will do?

Given a "mandate" for this administration's behavior, which has included encouraging torture, parochialism destructive to international relations, pre-emptive war, unparalleled secrecy, crony capitalism, abridgement of constitutionally protected rights, the creation of the largest debt and deficit in the history of humanity, rollback or undermining of environmental protections, unabashed gay-baiting, erosion of the separation of church and state, corrosive policies gradually dismantling the public school system, and naked suppression of voter participation, is there really any doubt at all?

Fasten your seatbelts. The USA is about to endure the economy of Argentina, the political policies of Italy in the 1930s, and the theocratic influence on public policy of the Islamic mullahs on the Iranian government.

We at Boring Diatribe will not concede that the light of empiricism and reason is to be extinguished in the United States. America's still in our hearts, waiting to be born. And if it's not going to be born in this political arena, it will be born in the streets, and power will listen to reason, or, eventually, be crushed by it.

To our friends around the world, who placed so much hope, as we did, on this election to unambiguously repudiate the perversion of this great nation into a small-minded bully determined to impose its will without thought of consequences at home and abroad, we say, take heart. The idea of a just, free, and benevolent nation will not die, while even one American will tediously diatribe against the hubris of leaders determined to eradicate it.


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