Tuesday, November 02, 2004


So, what the local Democratic party had me do today was to stand for three hours at the very center of my small town where two major roads intersect, with a 4-foot by 8-foot Kerry/Edwards sign. I waved at passing cars, and was later joined by another Democrat with a sign in favor of a local legislative candidate.

Republican Reaction:

Two Republicans in their fifties rolled down their windows to tell me they voted for Bush, and one further cautioned me that the weather was about to become unfavorable to standing out in it. I thanked both for voting.
Several other Republicans gave me the thumbs-down, but politely.
Several others gave me emphatic thumbs-down signs, as if summoning the lions to tear me to bits.
One gave me the finger.
At least four others felt compelled to shout abuse of various levels of profanity and inanity.

Democratic Reaction:

Lots of favorable horn-tooting, waves, thumbs-up, and victory (or peace) signs.

Judging the proportion of the former to the latter, and using my own intensely complex polling methodology, I'd say my state in a landslide for Kerry. Nope, we're thoroughly Blue where I live, so no big effect on the nation.

Thanks to Izabella's Cafe for sending out periodic life-sustaining cups of hot chocolate and joe.


Blogger Maines said...

From the comfort of my blue-state home I phoned people in Pennsylvania to remind them to get out and vote. (Rob can attest to the level of sacrifice this was for me: I have such a phobia of phone-calling that I refuse to phone for carry-out.) Talked to a lot of answering machines, but the live humans I reached were friendly and positive, except for the lady who was a little frustrated that everyone was calling her about the election, even though she'd already voted, and she had some calls she needed to make. And even she wasn't rude or unpleasant.

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