Sunday, December 12, 2004

Homeland Insecurity - Part 4

So, Bernard Kerik withdraws from his nomination as the Homeland Security Poobah, and everybody wants to natter on about why that was necessary, and how we're all going to move on from this unfortunate episode.

Here at Boring Diatribe, we receive the news and tedious commentary with a protracted and heartfelt yawn. Paying attention to who's running Homeland Security is like getting worked up about the new maitre 'd on the Titanic. Really, what difference does it make who's running the awful show? The job requirements of the next chieftan of Homeland Security are pretty simple:

1) Scare the shit out of Americans.
2) Not so much that they question Our Rulers.

See? Easy.
What difference does it make what jackal they prop up in front of the cameras to tell us how well the Maximum Leader is protecting us? They might as well hire someone photogenic since we'll have to look at the asshole every time there's a scandal the media can't be paid off to ignore. There's got to be one or two actors who haven't entered politics, yet. I'm sure they'd like to put down the dishrag and take a turn at the podium.

Fiddle on, America.


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