Sunday, May 08, 2005

Supply Side

Those who endured pre-Iraq war verbal Boring Diatribes may remember that with a GDP of $30 billion, I proposed that the United States hire every single person in Iraq to like us. With what we've spent so far ($300 billion) the United States could have had 10 years of friendly Iraqis extolling the virtues of the United States to the entire Arab world. And hey, maybe they'd export some oil, too.

That's as far as my idea went, but Darksyde over at Kos has nailed down the mechanics:
They say money can't buy love, but if we throw out sacks of money to the Iraqi people it will be Valentine's Day 365 days a year in Baghdad. The best part is the Iraqis would start loving us right away. My God the Iraqi's will be naming their kids after us! They'll be shouting the virtues of America from the rooftops. They'll build statues of us. And the economy, well I mean talk about Supply Side Economics! This is not a fiscal stimulus, this is a fiscal orgasm. It's like an anti-tax. Reagan could come back to life from this kind of thing. It would explode into almost instant prosperity taking away even more terrorist ammunition and giving them a shot at a real self sufficient modern nation. The money would stream to outlying provinces and work it's way into the local economies throughout the region. And although the Iraqi's would be free to choose whom they wish to help rebuild the infrastructure and get the oil a'flowin, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if American firms, from the country who is showering the populace with currency, were given special consideration.
Between Darksyde's plan and the Haliburton Protection Act (give Haliburton $6 billion dollars instead of going to war) we've got a solid plan here to protect the folks at home and get some of that good foreign policy mojo working.

And cheaper.
And your sons and daughters don't walk around on robot limbs that can't feel anything.

What's not to like?


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