Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Reality Bites

* poomf * * poomf * "Testing... testing... is this thing on? Okay."

Welcome back to Boring Diatribe, which has been, well, downright dull for six weeks while other responsibilities beckoned. And what a month-and-a-half it was, eh? In a tiny march of days, the Bush administration has gone from invincible peddlers of impervious propoganda to a gang of scared little boys who just realized they've set fire to the house and Dad's coming home any minute.

Honestly, I haven't been so sanguine about the future of this nation in four years. For a time, I wondered if Bush's brain weren't right in assuming that propoganda really did trump reality, and my faith in even the laws of physics began to wobble. But, sure enough, after being slapped around for a while Reality went out and got a billy club and has begun reminding our heroes in the White House what a grade-A ass whoopin' feels like.

As Bush and cronies freefall in the polls, I'm having a little trouble imagining what they're going to do to turn around public opinion in the face of an Iraqi insurgency of growing sophistication and effectiveness, leading to the heartbreaking parade of flagged coffins and prosthetic limbs returning to the heartland of the good ol' US of A, all so we can fill up our tanks for $2.35 a gallon.

Sure, I know China and India's demand for energy has everything to do with the price of gasoline, but the spectacle of your son in a wheelchair while the USA can't do anything with the second largest oil reserve in the world except go hat-in-hand to those Saudi sons of bitches has got to be driving a wedge deep into America's nearly fatal bout of cognitive dissonance.

The power brokers in the White House have counted on the gnatlike attention span of the media to keep them safe from historical scrutiny, and that strategy has worked pretty well until now, until the flip side of that malaise manifested:

America Can't Remember Why We're In Iraq.

That's why Bush has to go on television and pathetically urge Americans to FLY THE FLAG ON INDEPENDENCE DAY. Not, say, volunteer for the armed forces, which are suffering record recruitment shortfalls at the moment. Nope, like flying to Disneyworld after 9/11, we're going to help the troops by doing what we were going to do anyway, and so we're allowed to mumble and roll over in our sleep, except that goddamn stump hurts so much...

I'm expecting a "Peace with Honor" speech within the next 12 months, and the utter evisceration of Bush's remaining domestic "agenda" in the meantime. Sure, there's going to be a lot of damage to clean up, and many precious lives lost forever, but the neocons and their ideology are becalmed and taking on water at an alarming clip. That's reality flooding in, boys, and its bigger than your little propoganda bucket will bail. At least your buddies became stinkingly, obscenely wealthy while the wind was at your backs.

As I've tiresomely, even Boringly, observed in the past, stick a fork in our ass because we are so done in Iraq. Like Lyndon Johnson before him, Bush has found his Waterloo on the other side of the world, and the only question now is how many more good people are going to die for his mistake.

Welcome to the dustbin of history, Chimpy. Your face just appeared next to the definition of "What were we thinking?"


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Good to have you back, Antonius!

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