Monday, November 08, 2004

Wisconsin to Darwin: Drop Dead

This should come as no surprise to anyone. Let the government-sponsored efforts to extinguish the light of reason begin, and, rather than beat up Texas this time around, since taking potshots at huge targets is hardly sporting, let's go after a town in a blue state, home to the thoroughly enlightened Senator Russ Feingold (alert: no sarcasm in this estimation of Mr. Feingold).

The local school board of Grantsburg, WI, believes that their science curriculum should not be restricted to a single theory of how the world has come to be. Look forward to Boring Diatribe's new textbook, soon to be offered in Texas and California, where we forward the theory that a giant, tireless hamster keeps the hollow earth spinning by running along the inner surface, and that rain is caused by the weeping of Jesus at humankind's collective stupidity.

That's right folks. After a brief, restorative interlude, we're back, and we're Boring.


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