Monday, December 13, 2004

Army Invoice

I think this privatization of the military might be going a little too far. Here's your bill, soldier. Sorry about the arm.

(I can't believe I'm having to post another article like this. Then again, you'd also think my wellspring of incredulity would be dry by now.)
WASHINGTON -- Specialist Robert Loria of Middletown lost his arm in Iraq, but instead of a farewell paycheck from the U.S. Army he got a bill for nearly $1,800.

On Friday a platoon of New York lawmakers came to his rescue.

Loria found himself stuck in Fort Hood Texas this week when Army officials claimed he owed them money for travel expenses to a hospital and lost equipment.

Several lawmakers _ Rep. Maurice Hinchey and Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton _ interceded on behalf of the 27-year-old veteran after his irate wife, Christine Loria, told the Times-Herald Record of Middletown about the problem.

Loria was wounded in February. But as he was about to leave the Army this month, officials told him he had been overpaid for his time as a patient at a military hospital in the Washington area, and claimed he still owed money for travel between the hospital and Fort Hood, and $310 for items not found in his returned equipment.

Instead of a check for nearly $4,500, Loria was told he had to pay nearly $1,800.
Notice how it was Democrats fixing this problem. The real question is: Why should they have to?


Blogger Reductio said...

It was addressed by Dems because they are from the party that is NOT EVIL.

Plus, they think of brave Americans who serve their country in the military as human beings, unlike the administration (exemplified by the secretary of defense) who consider the military a blunt instrument with which to extend their policies of crony-capitalism, robber baronry, and war profiteering to Iraq.

Besides, if the soldiers have to armor their own vehicles, and pay for their own medical treatment it wil help rumsfailed run the war on the cheap.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Maines said...

Ah, Reductio has put his finger on it. The soldiers are ill-equipped because someone did the math and found that body bags were cheaper than body armor. So they're just being fiscally responsible with their war, is all, which of course those crazy free-spending Democrats wouldn't understand. Remember, young men are cheap, and in ample supply--easily replaced when damaged or destroyed.

Especially cost effective if you make them pay for their own travel to the hospital.

6:39 PM  

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