Thursday, March 24, 2005


Yes. A long absence. But I've had it. I'm coming back there.

Do you understand, yet?

While there may be a few Republicans who hold dear principles of conservativism, such as limited scope of government power, local control of public policy whenever practical, reluctance to involve the United States in foreign wars, and protection of the rights of the individual against the compelling interests of the state, clearly, none of those Republicans occupy leadership positions in the Republican party.

The grotesque circus surrounding the fate of Terri Sciavo has finally and irrevocably demonstrated for the world what these crass and evil men intend for the United States of America and for as much of the world as they can seize. They will impose their arbitrary, illogical beliefs and desires everywhere they can because they want to, on as many victims as they can, to feed their overweening pride and greed.

From the soiling of America by officially sanctioned torture, to an illegal invasion of a defanged nation in pursuit of a personal vendetta and the profit of other fiends, to the endless examples of corrupt funneling of public funds into the private pockets of cronies, to this crowning achievement of a two branches of the federal government seeking to interfere in the life and death decisions of a single family by conducting a trial through legistlation, the real, naked agenda is clear.

Republicans are not trying to restore some mythic period when a noble citizenry shaped their own lives in peace and comfort. They have a single goal:


Power for its own sake. Not power to accomplish noble ends, or even ignoble ends. Merely an increasingly naked pursuit to fill an insatiable, endless, bottomless hunger for control of their fellow human beings, who they delight in degrading and reducing to penury to extend their control that much deeper into every human soul.

I pity the Sciavo family. My personal opinion is that it is immoral to starve people to death, whatever their state of mind or lack of it, but unlike Republicans, I do not believe that my personal moral convictions should necessarily carry the weight of law. If I did, in the face of overwhelming consensus that my opinions are not shared, then I would be a megalomaniac, whose joy would derive from tyranny. Instead, I believe in the rights of the citizenry and those affected by them to seek redress of their grievances through the American judicial system. Both sides of the Sciavo case have offered their arguments, and repeated decisions have unanimously consented and approved the current action of removing the feeding tube from Terri Sciavo. I do not agree with the morality of the decision, but I believe in the rule of law, a belief clearly lacking in the Republican party.

Don't refer to these people as our government, because that is not how they see themselves. They consider themselves our rulers, holding in themselves as much power over the life and death of each citizen as any king or dictator, and as Judge Scalia recently revealed, they believe this power stems directly from God.

You cannot argue with men who believe their decisions derive from the will of God. They will go to any lengths to impose their own will in the guise of doing the Almighty's work. They will kill millions, and pilot planes into buildings, if it serves God's purposes as revealed in the impenetrable midnight of their twisted souls.

They were elected. But in their hearts, in the hearts of their followers, they were appointed by God.

Do you understand?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Welcome back, brother. We missed you.

Tom Joad

10:29 AM  
Blogger Rex Saxi said...

We missed you!!

12:10 AM  
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