Friday, September 02, 2005


For four years now I've been saying it to everyone who wouldn't listen:

THE REPUBLICANS CAN"T PROTECT YOU. They're too stupid, venal, and obsessed with making the wealthiest 1% of Americans not just richer, but unfathomably richer beyond the dreams of Croesus to bother with pesky details like, say, PREPARING FOR A MAJOR DISASTER IN AN AMERICAN CITY.

The only difference between the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans and a signifcant terrorist attack (dirty bomb, biological bomb, tactical nuclear weapon) is that the idiots running this sorry excuse for a federal government had AN ENTIRE WEEK TO PREPARE.


And I'm being kind, since in January 2001, FEMA warned of three likely American disasters in the near future. Care to guess?

1) Terrorist attack in New York City.
2) Category 4+ hurricane devastating New Orleans
3) A major San Francisco earthquake.

Maybe Bush and his gang of contemptible bottom-feeders will get lucky and hit the trifecta.

Is this enough yet America? Your sons and daughters are dying halfway around the world in the service of evil men who hold this country hostage to their insatiable appetite for wealth and power, grinding up the bones of your fellow citizens to make their bread and bleeding those citizens white so their close personal friends will not suffer a moment's inconvenient thought that there might be other people on the planet. Your sons are dying, purposeless, in Iraq, instead of helping at home, here, where they're really needed. You say the left is undermining the morale of the troops? How is a National Guardsman from New Orleans supposed to concentrate on his job if he's wondering whether his grandmother back home is that dead woman in a wheelchair outside the New Orleans convention center?

These evil, sick, twisted, stupid, abominably stupid men and women must be removed from power and locked away before they cause the deaths of thousands more people around the world and here at home. President Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney, and every member of this incompetent, criminal administration must be impeached and removed from office for their gross stupidity and bottomless venality.

They're not protecting you. They're exploiting you. Do you understand yet, America?

Enough. Enough. Enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a halfwit

2:16 AM  
Anonymous America said...

"anonymous" is an asshole.

12:49 PM  

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