Saturday, October 23, 2004

Evil Liars, Delusional, or Monumentally Stupid?

In correspondence with Antonio, I asked this question about the Bush team. Given the disconnect between their statements and reality, I wondered what causes it.

Are they evilly lying to further some end of their own?

Are they mentally diseased, and therefore delusional, unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy?

Or are they monumentally stupid, unable to identify facts and process information?

I don't think they are too stupid to identify facts, though they seem to ignore the facts they don't like, and Antonius has offered support for both of the other theories. In "Doppler Shift" the Bush team indicates that fact based reality is unimportant, and that as an empire they make their own reality. To me this seems to lend support to the Delusional explanation.

But "You Decide" has confirmed my belief in the Evil Liars position. After all, since Bush supporters predominantly believe the fictions, and support Bush as a result, it seems that the Bush election campaign is essentially entirely based on fooling people with repeated lies. This makes sense of course, since anyone (with the possible exception of racists, war profiteers, robber barons, and evil people in general) who understands what Bush has actually done could not knowingly vote for him.

I wonder if this might help explain the correlation (Noted in "The Smart Money") between states with good education systems and opposition to Bush.

Finally, in defense of those Bush supporters who've been hoodwinked by the lies, Antonius needs to cut them some slack. Honest, bright, well meaning people get hoodwinked all the time. That is how confidence men (and unfortunately the current president) make a living. Let's say you work hard for a living, and don't have alot of time to fact check news sources and start a blog. Further, you hear the odd speech by the president or VP in official settings, making statements about the state of affairs, and their statements are supported by the news (and I use the term loosely) programs on Fox. It is not hard to see how one could be hoodwinked into mistakenly voting for the dark side.

Fortunately Antonius is here to spread the light of truth to the masses.


Blogger Maines said...

Good to see you in the blogosphere, Reductio.

You may be interested in this, as (1) evidence that they're lying about no draft, and (2) for the fact that someone's fighting back. I particularly liked the part about using the 13th amendment: okay, so if it's not a draft, then it must be involuntary servitude, i.e., slavery.

11:24 PM  

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