Sunday, March 27, 2005


I feel as if I owe readers of this blog a short explanation for the 10 week hiatus (or so) of Boring Diatribe.

A few conversations with Reductio last year convinced me that:

a) Boring Diatribe was gradually undermining what little remained of my post-election sanity, and
b) These Diatribes weren't making any difference anyway.

I admit to the accuracy of both statements. On the other hand, I no longer care if following the "news" drives me completely around the bend, or if the readers of this blog are unpersuaded, or even offended, by the application of reason to world events and their coverage by the media, otherwise and hereinafter known as "the hyenas of crony capitalism".

Someone has to keep the flame of the enlightenment burning in this increasingly benighted nation, even if that flame demands the fuel of repetitious harangues against the corrupt and mendacious rulers to whom 59 million Americans have handed the increasingly flailing whip.

The country has survived Willian Taft and Japanese internment, race riots and the Vietnam war. I believe, somewhat against my better judgment, that America will survive the rapacious rule of the would-be oligarchs currently in possession of the federal government apparatus.

My belief arises, not out of some faith in the eventual good judgment of the American electorate (sorry, Reductio), but rather out of a certainty that actions which contradict the dictates of reason must eventually fail, because reality is the final judge of all endeavor, which the Bush administration has discovered again and again, to the sorrow of its believers and detractors.

So, in short, if not having vanquished despair, having come to the point where the emotion can be regarded with amused contempt, Boring Diatribe is back in business.


Blogger Maines said...

Welcome back. I for one have missed the Diatribe.

Although you're not changing any minds with me (we're already on the same side) I do appreciate your insights, and have sent many friends to read your thoughts on a topic when I felt they encapsulated a viewpoint more effectively than anything I could say.

Meantime, my own blog has been moving of its own accord to be my little voice of the Religious Left, and I think I may just embrace that and make it the focus of Re:Maines. Will let you know.

5:03 PM  

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