Monday, December 27, 2004

Only White People Matter

Nine countries struck by killer tsunamis in southeast Asia, tens of thousands dead, and the New York Post puts two distressed British tourists on its front page to symbolize all the suffering and death of the wogs.


Blogger Maines said...

Dunno what's on the front page of the actual newspaper, but the front page of the Chicago Tribune web site is a picture of a guy from Evanston, Illinois, whose family is asking W to send troops to help with search and rescue because this man is missing. I have this mental image of American troops wading through the carnage picking through injured and dead and passing them over--"Not white can't be him, not white can't be him, not white can't be him . . ."

I've seen one newspaper photo that really hints at the magnitude of the disaster (the numbers alone being really hard to wrap your mind around): this one in Spain's El Mundo. I haven't studied Spanish in years, but the caption seems to describe it as bodies and debris littering the beach in a bird's eye view. The image is small and so it's hard to tell what's what, but if some percentage of what litters the beach are bodies, well, you get the idea.

11:03 PM  
Blogger mcSey said...

National Lampoon headline from the 70's:

Two Local Women Feared Dead in Volcano Disaster(Subheadline) Japan Destroyed by Volcano

11:19 AM  

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